If there is one word that defines me, it is confusion. Personified. And herein lies the root cause of my perennial chaos. Multiple choices can sometimes be extremely detrimental to one’s growth; ask me.
All I can tell you is that I am searching for SOMETHING. Do not ask me what; I don’t know it yet. 

It is this desperate quest to find, that SOMETHING that I can resonate with, which led me to Preeti. She helped me deal with a lot of past traumas,remedied many open wounds, rekindled my passion to cook and even today is a constant source of encouragement for me to look ahead. God bless her. And people like her. Lost souls like me finally have a guiding light".

Rajesh Majumdar

Life had always been great for me as a child and my upbringing was full of love and affection. I come from a family that is full of compassion and understanding. I can say we as a family lived, prayed, ate and travelled together. 

Life took a turn at an age when I had to take decisions to live in this competitive world. I got into a relationship that wasn’t meant for me. A relationship that was abusive, that had no understanding and no way ahead. Everything was just upside down. I tolerated this relationship for more than four years thinking that one day things will be fine. But, it got worse where I couldn’t tolerate things happening in it. I started losing my self-respect, my dignity, my happiness and most of all, myself. I was as good as dead with no ambition and no reason to live. All I could think of is, ‘How do I run away from all this?’ and the only on my mind was, ’Finish my life.’

During this period, I met Preeti and Robbert Allenn. Little did I know they would be my guardian angles and I would be saved? God has His ways and truly He proved it to me. These are angles that gave me a new life a new beginning. For someone that had nothing, no clothes to wear, no shelter, no food, no support from family, these angles(I don’t want to say people) that I never knew came into my life and treated me like they knew me from years and years, like I was their brother or son that had come back. 

Preeti observed me and got to know my life challenges better. She connected me to the higher world. A world where your life challenges can be forgiven and a new life can be asked for. Past life regression therapy was something that gave me an insight of where I came from, the people that I was associated with and the people that I had hurt and most of all the person that I was. This therapy helped me forgive people that I had hurt, it helped me realize the existence of a supreme power that is beyond imagination. It changed my life. The burden that I was carrying on my shoulder was off now and It gave me a new view, a new dimension to life. I reached more and more to the Supreme power and followed what Preeti taught me.

Today, I am free just like a bird left out of its cage. I have a new life to look forward to and working on better things to come. It’s a feeling you can experience only if you have gone through it. Past life regression therapy is a therapy that has to be experienced and felt. 
Preeti and Robbert Allen, are my angels and I say that again and again. They are God’s and Life’s gift to me and I cherish this gift for the rest of my life. 

God be with them and bless them and may they help more and more people to change their lives just the way they changed mine.

Arati Venkat

Call it kismet, I met Preeti casually several years back via a common gardening group. It was not until October of 2017 that i met her for physical and emotional help. I have always been intrigued by the sphere of alternative healing and therapy having experienced small episodes in the past, but nothing comes close to the diversity and intensity of healing therapies Preeti has to offer. Very under played and extremely committed to her mission, she has performed miracles, i have witnessed. It may seem odd, but her unselfish service saved the life of my dogs on several occasions and one in particular i have to narrate. 


My six year old dog Layla has been battling weight gain and lethargy for a few years and all of a sudden one evening she lost movement and control of three of her limbs! she looked helpless and we panicked. i called Preeti well past nine at night and she immediately confirmed that there was a serious matter and she would do energy healing on her. That was a Thursday night...Friday was hospital runs with no conclusive diagnosis, Saturday night was her MRI...and the diagnostic center couldn't get a doctor to review her report till Monday! we waited and Preeti quietly but surely did everything in her healing capacity to ease Layla and us. Monday evening after an assisted walk, she was brought in. She lay motionless, we could only watch with agony and extreme concern. That evening Preeti's miracle unfolded in front of our eyes...Layla had moved about ten feet away from where we had placed her (we didnt see this) and then again to another corner (which we saw!) she pulled herself up and struggled a bit, was definitely unsteady, but she WALKED! with no medical help, no doctor treatment, she had got movement back! If i had to pick out a single moment of absolute gratitude to the universe and Preeti as the healing master, this has to be it. From there on with minimum medical intervention (we had gained supreme confidence that only Preeti could heal Layla), we focused on her therapy. The energy healing she relentlessly pursued, and we the aroma therapy she recommended. In about a week, she got steadier. The MRI had revealed a bulge in her cervical spine, thus causing her immense pain when she walked. We did her aromatherapy for three months (August 11 - November 11) and today she runs around, has better energy levels and slowly but surely will lose her extra weight as well. 


From my dogs to me. I have always been an active, energetic person and for a few years have been feeling lethargic was getting easily tired. Owing it to age and insufficient exercise, i coped. Having cancelled my annual medical (insurance requirement), i decided to get a full check up by Preeti. She advised a naadi (pulse) diagnosis, which revealed a under performing liver and a pancreas. This she explained was the cause for the reduced energy levels and lethargy. Along with acupressure, she was able to pin point each organs' performance. i was advised a few lifestyle changes (no coffee on empty stomach, start the day with warm water and a few almonds) and given aromatherapy oils for topical application twice a day. A follow up bottle of oils lasted me for over 4 months, after which i was asked to stop. In the first fifteen days, i felt transformed, could do all the chores and stay on my feet and still not collapse by night. This only got better and i kept at the application religiously. I feel lighter, more energetic and definitely know my metabolism is at optimum levels. The exuberance of the results led me to explore a rather easy yet believable (because its coming for Preeti) therapy for weight loss, a proven aromatherapy way to boost metabolism and aid in weight loss. its still early days, but i know for sure the effects will be magical and i will post another testimony on the miracle hands and therapy of Preeti...earnest prayers for ultimate success to The Intuitive Edge and endless gratitude for the diverse yet focused assistance and transformation received for all my family.

Vandana Rajamani

I have used Preeti's oils for my entire family! Extremely satisfied  with her oils and the treatment she provides for various issues. My husband had severe pain in the leg because of  bone protrusion and it got completely cured in three months with her oils. The best part of the treatment is her holistic approach to understand the root cause and work on fixing it rather than superficial approach to reduce only the pain. She spends enough time with every patient to understand the history completely and then comes up with a treatment plan. This helps in addressing the issue holistically. I would highly recommend The Intuitive Edge to help you in any of your health issues ( physical and emotional).

Geeta Prasad

I have known Preeti for more than a decade now and have used herbs and aroma oils for back pain and overall health. I am a nature lover and spend lot of time outdoors, travelling and hiking. The oils have kept me active and improved my immunity immensely. As oils don't have any side effects I keep them handy even for minor cold and cough.