Mind plays a huge role in physical ailments. All our thoughts finally manifest into physical issues.Fears, anxiety, stress, negative thoughts and more create discomfort in body. Hence treat your mind issues before they turn into discomfort.



Depression means absent from present life. The present is clouded by the constant presence of past negativities. Depression are as you would expect feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and pessimism. We all get depressed sometimes but we usually be brought out of it by a holiday or a good evening out with friends. 

The types  of depression are classified as Weepy, Agitated,  Anxious, Lethargic, Hysterical, Manic Depression. Also there's a chance that there's underlying physical disorder at fault like thyroid or hormonal imbalance." It is disease which shrinks the spirit and sucks the colour from life.   
Only medication will have temporary effect. To completely do away with this " disease" , we need to treat at all levels - Physical, Mental, Emotional, Energy.