Herbal Remedies

Herbal Remedies ?? Are they not same as Ayurveda medicines ?  No , with me they are same but still different. All the herbs or plants are same that are used in Ayurvedic medicines, but with me they are in natural form. They are not in capsules or tablets made by machines. When any plant or herb goes through machine we lose 50% value of that herb due to heat, so it loses its efficacy. All the herbs are hand pounded, and made into fine powders.  It's also important that herbs when taken in, come in contact with saliva and then reach stomach, thereby healing is faster. It's also important to get herbs from the right regions, during the right climatic conditions. For example, there are few herbs which grow in Himalayan regions only during rainy season, say like two months, so we get to harvest only during that particular time and at that particular altitude. Growing season, harvest time, drying conditions, hand pounded, all these factors make a herb powerful tool to heal like magic. Also there are 100s of uses of each herb, but all can't be taken by any individual. Which herb to take by whom will depend on that persons body constitution. Again how to intake the same herb by two people will depend on the diagnosis, ailment..... Herbs can be taken internally through water, warm water, honey, milk, ghee, or mixed with some more other herbs or with oils.