Healing Teas

The wonderful world of tea is about to be opened to you. If you already enjoy tea, you will be fascinated by little known facts about your favourite beverage. It’s not just relaxing , it can also be an act of healing.

I believe in supporting the body with nutritive and natural healing substances. To dismiss healing systems that have survived for thousands of years doesn’t make sense. These ancient protocols have lasted for just one reason. THEY WORK. I personally became interested in the quiet extraordinary power of healing with tea almost a quarter of century ago.

The healing teas exhibit such a wide range of properties that there’s one for just about every aliment under the sun. Herbal teas are brewed from plants valued for their aroma, taste, as well as the ability to cause certain subtle changes in body chemistry. The plant parts include roots, rhizomes, bulbs, barks flowers, buds, leaves, stems. Healing teas are traditionally brewed from herbs and other natural medicinals found in nature’s pharmacy. Ancient physicians made full and effective use of the natural medicines all around them. Our knowledge today of brewing and applying healing teas has its roots in the old time-tested healing systems. Healing teas are carminative, blood purifier, diuretic, diaphoretic, emmenaogue, nervine, sedative, stimulant, pectoral.

I make healing teas for you to experience the intricacies of a herbal formula precisely tailored to your body. If you are encouraged to take a pleasant cup of healing tea next time you are under weather, I will be pleased.