The very ancient art of healing alleviates the physical pain, emotional pain, stress, traumatic events of past, negative blockages. In Acupressure fingers are used to stimulate the pressure points which are all connected to different organs of body to restore the flow of vital energy.

Acupressure works anytime,any where, without any side-effects, and instant healing.

I specialise in Acupressure with Aromatherapy, it creates a synergy, making the therapy more powerful.It's a deep healing which helps a person to immediately relax and release pain , sometimes go into deep peaceful sleep helping body restore for the challenges of routine life.

I use Acupressure all times, in party, in flight, in car, somebody's home ... anywhere when I see somebody distress. And in 3-5 mins person is absolutely alright. Even children run to me instead of there parents when they are in pain, it's fun to see how children react to my healing even in pain. They smile, try to remain calm, and just sit quietly for the treatment.

Acupressure Aromatherapy is nothing less than magic.