About Me

Preeti Robert - Holistic Therapist

From very young age I experienced different things which has been quite unique.


Like when I said something it  would happen. For example, my aunt was married for 10 -12 years and did not have a child, hence she was facing lot of difficulty in her in-laws place. And one day I said this year she will have a child and she did.

In another incident I was very angry and told  in my mind to a family member that you die. Than when I cooled down I cried and said sorry to God for saying something like this, I must have cried for very long time asking forgiveness from God. After few days I got a news that the same person had gone for bath in the Ganges and was about to drown and die but nobody knows how he got saved and survived.

I don’t know from how long but I have always sensed energies around me.

As the saying goes when the student is ready, the master appears, and that’s what happened in 2006. I came across this Master and there is no answer as to why he blessed me with some rare knowledge which will help me move further in my spiritual life.

After doing my MA in Economics, I got an apportunity to do a specialized course in Aromathrapy. This learning of medicine and treatment got me interested in other alternative medicine options like Herbal Medicine and Flower Energy, Diagonisis of the ailment is the a crucial part of treatment and the search for this lead me to take up a course in Pulse Diagnosis (also know as Nadi Chakitsa). 

My spiritual journey and the learnings from them have made me have a very unique combination of Certified Courses and divinity to have great intutive inspiration in my offerings to my clients.